Going crazy with keeping in mind hundreds passwords for applications?

Going to panic because lost password for accessing your favorite website?

Need to renew your registration but totally forgot password because you didn't use it for the year?

We're ready to help you to restore your lost passwords!


SV2 AlertKey - your desktop privacy guard. This is feature-rich “boss-key” application. It was developed to protect your privacy and sensitive information appeared at your computer from unwanted praying eyes.
Check SV2 AlertKey product page.

My Passwords.info

My Passwords.info is shareware tool which explorers information stored in Windows Protected Storage. Here you may find passwords and other information stored in MS IE auto-complete field, dial-up, network and VPN access passwords and much more.

Passwords Explorer

Passwords Explorer is our most popular software forextracting passwords from password entry fields (passwords hiddenbehind asterisk like "******").

SV2 Software Online Activation

Using form below you may register shareware version of our software delivered from MyPassword.info website.

Just open Registration Online dialog (located in Help menu).

Then copy Authorization No provided by an application and paste it into the correspondent field.

Extract Order No provided in invoice from RegNow and paste it into the correspondent field.

If everything goes well system will generate Serial Number which has to be used for registrating application.

Authorization No:

Enter Authorization No provided by application

Order No:

Enter Order No provided by RegNow invoice

Serial Number:

Copy Serial Number and Past it into application

Contact Us if you'll have a problem with registering your application. Please provide RegNow Order Number and application's version which you couldn't registrate.

Antipiracy protection provided by SV2 Soft Gendarme System

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