Going crazy with keeping in mind hundreds passwords for applications?

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My Passwords.info

My Passwords.info is shareware tool which explorers information stored in Windows Protected Storage. Here you may find passwords and other information stored in MS IE auto-complete field, dial-up, network and VPN access passwords and much more.


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Passwords Explorer
Version 2.0
Published 08 april 2006
License Freeware
Requirements Win98, Win2K, WinXP, Win2003
File Size 634 kb

Passwords Explorer is our most popular software forextracting passwords from password entry fields (passwords hiddenbehind asterisk like "******").

SV2 Passwords Explorer istotally free and highly useful tool for reminding your lost passwordsentered into different Windows applications (including Internet Explorer Auto-complete Passwords!).

Usuallyfields for entering passwords are protected by asterisk symbols like"*****". So, there is no chance to see content of the field if it'll belost. Passwords Explorer is very simple application for solving such problems. Passwords Explorerapplication sits in the system tray and wait until application whichcontains password field will be started. Then, if mouse pointer will bepointed other password field - Password Explorer will disclose itscontent by converting this field into usual text edit field. So,password's field content will be converted from "****" into normalnormal text.

Pay attention:recent version of Passwords Explorer allows extract passwords fromInternet Explorer Auto-Complete fields! Just point mouse other webpagewhich contains password field!

Note: Passwords Explorer is not intended for mischievous purposes.

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