Going crazy with keeping in mind hundreds passwords for applications?

Going to panic because lost password for accessing your favorite website?

Need to renew your registration but totally forgot password because you didn't use it for the year?

We're ready to help you to restore your lost passwords!

Passwords Explorer

Passwords Explorer is our most popular software forextracting passwords from password entry fields (passwords hiddenbehind asterisk like "******").


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My Passwords.info
Version 1.0.0
Published 1 May 2006
License Shareware
Requirements Win2K, XP, 2003
File Size 700kb
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My Passwords.info is shareware tool which explorers information stored in Windows Protected Storage. Here you may find passwords and other information stored in MS IE auto-complete field, dial-up, network and VPN access passwords and much more.

Authorizing yourself is usual task during web-browsing. Everyday you have to deal with number of passwords and pin-codes.
Often web-services provides automatically generated passwords or pin-codes. It may looks like "s23_JsOw". Hard to remember, isn't it?

Fortunatelly, modern web-browsers may remember authorization information and suggest it using Auto-Complete function.
It's nice feature, but sometime it doesn't work (for example, you mayforgot your password). Other case - ftp or protected sites passwords.

My Passwords.info is a tool for recovering lost or forgotten passwords entered into MS InternetExplorer during surfing. It extracts information stored in Auto-Complete fields and provides simple access to stored data. This application can extract followed information:

  • Protected Website Passwords
  • FTP passwords
  • Dial-up/network/VPN passwords
  • Passwords stored in Auto-complete fields
  • Outlook Express passwords

Pay attention: this is application for personal use only. It's restricted to discover 3d party passwords!

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In trial mode you may see only first 3 letters of  stored passwords.

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