Going crazy with keeping in mind hundreds passwords for applications?

Going to panic because lost password for accessing your favorite website?

Need to renew your registration but totally forgot password because you didn't use it for the year?

We're ready to help you to restore your lost passwords!

Passwords Explorer

Passwords Explorer is our most popular software forextracting passwords from password entry fields (passwords hiddenbehind asterisk like "******").

My Passwords.info

My Passwords.info is shareware tool which explorers information stored in Windows Protected Storage. Here you may find passwords and other information stored in MS IE auto-complete field, dial-up, network and VPN access passwords and much more.

Version 1.0
Published 15 January 2007
License Shareware
Requirements Windows 98, Me, NT, XP, 2003, Vista
File Size 473kB
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SV2 AlertKey - your desktop privacy guard. This is feature-rich “boss-key” application. It was developed to protect your privacy and sensitive information appeared at your computer from unwanted praying eyes.
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SV2 AlertKey belongs to group of so-called “boss-keys” applications. Initially such applications were designed for hiding content of PC desktop's from boss’ eyes by pressing special hot-key combination. Actually it was kind of application which allows employee to cheat his/her boss. Definitely, it wouldn’t make employer happy to find-out that his/her employee play in card’s game instead of drawing diagrams or preparing reports.

It was long time ago. And now situation doesn’t become better. It goes even worse. Now there are million ways to kill the time during working hours – online games, blogs, chats, forums, movies, web-surfing and so on. You can continue this list, right?

Why did we decide to create the software which can be used as boss’cheating tool? The answer is – privacy! Than more people spend time at computer – than more private information they deal with: credit-card numbers, PIN-codes, bank accounts, private messages and so on.

It’s very sensitive information and it may be accessible for unwanted praying eyes (your colleagues, your boss or (oh no) your spouse). In other words – you need a way for protect your privacy while working at PC.

SV2 AlertKey provides comprehensible set of tools for that important task. You can define several combinations of hot-keys for providing set of actions most suitable for your particular situation. Sometime would be enough just mute sound and hide active windows. For other cases you’d need to execute more complex actions to hide your real activity: activate particular application (which you attended to work with), stop video/audio players and sometime emulate “Blue Screen of Death” (this time you can claim Bill and his windows). In other words - you can define set of different actions (scenarios) which will be taken by pressing to particular hot-key combination. All you have to do then – remember these combinations and use it in right cases.

SV2 AlertKey has followed features:

  • Allows up to 5 secret hot-key combinations assigned to different actions
  • Provides smart and efficient fault prevention validation algorithm– you’ll be notified in case if you trying to configure application in a wrong way
  • Works invisibly in the background for additional privacy
  • Extremely fast and simple in use with low system resources consumption
  • Instantly hides windows
  • Instantly mutes the sound
  • Instantly opens selected Web-page in browser
  • Instantly activates selected Window and switch it into full-sized state
  • Instantly hides all windows from desktop
  • Launches selected application and activates it
  • Instantly Stops video/audio players
  • Shows selected images on top of desktops

You don’t need to be PC guru or techno-rat to use this application. It has obvious user-friendly interface. Though application's large number of settings may be confusable at first launch – but as soon as you complete reading this description you should understand most of them. Just spend some time for playing with different settings of application and compare effect achieved by different actions. As soon as your“training” courses will be completed – you’d start feel yourself protected from unwanted eyes/ears/noses.

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