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SV2 AlertKey belongs to group of so-called “boss-keys” applications. Initially such applications were designed for hiding content of PC desktop from boss’ eyes by pressing special hot-key combination. Actually it was kind of application which allows employee to cheat his/her boss. Definitely, it wouldn’t make employer happy to find-out that his/her employee play in card’s game instead of drawing diagrams or preparing reports.

It was long time ago. And now situation doesn’t become better. It goes even worse. Now there are million ways to kill the time during working hours – online games, chats, forums, movies, web-surfing and so on. You can continue this list, right?

Why did we decide to create the software which can be used as boss’ cheating tool? The answer is – privacy! Than more people spend time at computer – than more private information they deal: credit-card numbers, PIN-codes, bank accounts, private messages and so on.

It’s very sensitive information and it may be accessible for unwanted praying eyes (your colleague, your boss or (oh no) your spouse. In other words – you need a way for protect your privacy while working on PC.

SV2 AlertKey provides comprehensible set of tools for this important task. You can define several combinations of hot-keys for providing set of actions most suitable for your particular situation. Sometime would be enough just mute sound and hide active windows. For other cases you’d need to execute more complex actions to hide your real activity: activate particular application (which you attended to work with), stop video/audio players and sometime emulate “Blue Screen of Death” (this time you can claim Bill and his windows). In other words - you can define set of different actions (scenarios) which will be taken by pressing to particular hot-key combination. All you have to do then – remember these combinations and use it in right cases.

SV2 AlertKey has followed features:

You don’t need to be PC guru or techno-rat to use this application. It has obvious user-friendly interface. Though its large number of settings may be confusable at first launch time – but as soon as you complete reading this description you should understand most of them. Just spend some time for playing with different settings of application and compare effect raised by different actions. As soon as your “training” courses will be completed – you’d start feel yourself protected from unwanted eyes/ears/noses.

Basic Information

SV2 AlertKey has two basic modules: General Settings and 5 Configurable privacy-protection scenarios or actions.

General Settings used for configuring application-level parameters (like start-up mode, activation key and so on) and provides access to number of instant actions.

Configurable actions provide flexible way to define different scenarios of protection your privacy. You can define up to 5 possible scenarios which will be taken by pressing predefined action’s hot-key combination. In some cases you just need to minimize all windows from desktop, in other cases you’ll need to mute sound and stop video/audio players, in most “hard-core” cases (oops, your spouse is coming) you need complete combination of all possible privacy-protection methods (we didn’t include HDD explosion feature in this version – but we are thinking about this feature in special-edition for CIA agents).

Thus, using SV2 AlertKey you can define up to 5 possible scenarios of actions which can be executed by hitting single hot-key combination – just don’t forget to practice in safe place before actual using.

Congratulation! You could reach this point. Now you’ll be rewarded by detailed description of actions which will help to protect your privacy (job/family/life – never know).

General Settings Tab

General Settings provides way for defining application-level parameters and additionally allows execute set of instant actions. Using General Settings you can decide how application will be started (manually or automatically), define hot-key for accessing instant actions, and selects hot-key for making desktop screenshots (later, you can use created screenshots as desktop cover image).

Start-up settings

Start SV2 AlertKey when Windows is starting – check this box if you want to start application automatically when Windows is started (it’s good idea to run such kind of application automatically)
Show SV2 AlertKey Splash-screen on starting – check this box if you want to be notified about starting application (just check it to be sure you’re protected)

General Settings

Activate Control Panel – defines hot-key combination which will be used for accessing to this Control Panel and its instant actions (additionally you may click by icon in tray)
Make Screenshot – defines hot-key for making entirely desktop screenshot. Later you can use this screenshot as desktop cover image (sorry, you couldn’t make screenshot of Blue Screen of Death – but you can find it at our website).
Screenshot File – defines file there created screenshot will be saved.
Auto-hide if inactive after – defines delay in seconds for automatic hiding Control Panel if it isn’t active

Instant Actions

Sound ON – hit this instant button to turn sound ON (show must go on)
Sound OFF – hit this instant button to mute sound devices (shut up your speakers)
Stop Players – hit this instant button to stop video/audio players (time to work?)
Pause Players – hit this instant button to pause/resume video/audio players (time to get my cup of coffee)

Configurable privacy-protection scenarios

You can define up to 5 different privacy-protection scenarios which will include different set of actions activated by predefined hot-key. So, depend on situation you can choose one of predefined scenario which will be most suitable in your particular situation (boss or collegue, spouse or child).

Every scenario described by assigned hot-key and set of actions which will be executed.

Scenario activation key has to be unique. Otherwise application couldn’t resolve what action has to be taken. At such cases you’ll be alerted about.

When you define hot-key and activate particular scenario you need to select which actions will be taken on scenario execution. For enabling particular action you need to mark check box. Every action has link which opens action’s configuration and brief description. If selected action doesn’t configured properly (for example, executable file doesn’t specified in action for “Launch and Activate Application” action) – application will alert about this situation by highlighting action’s title by red color. Improperly configured parameter in action’s configuration will be designated by exclamation sign.

Possible actions

Minimize all windows on desktop – this action will minimize all currently opened windows. Actions taken by this action similar by hitting “Show desktop” icon in Windows Quick-launch menu.
Open Web-page in Browser – this action will open default browser and start loading specified URL. Browser window will be opened in maximized state to cover all entirely desktop. You need to select URL to be opened in browser.
Activate and Switch to Selected Window – this action will search through all opened windows by given title and if such window will be opened it’ll be shown at top of desktop in maximized state (if possible). You need to select window’s title to be shown in this action.
Show Full-size Background Image On Top of Desktop – this action will show image from selected file above entirely desktop. To configure this action you need to select file there image is stored (it can be manually selected image – Use Image File or it may be created Screenshot – Use Generated Screenshot as Background; at last case application will use last produced screenshot). Additionally you have to define hot-key for closing covering image – Close Hot-key. Covering image will be closed by pressing this hot-key combination. Also you may define if Escape key can close covering image. Pay attention – if Close Hot-Key not defined – when Escape will be working in any case to prevent blocking desktop.
Mute Master Sound – this action will mute master sound. I.e. all sound devices will be muted.
Stop Video/Audio players – this action will stop playing video/audio clips in most of popular players (Windows Media Player, WinAmp, BS Player and several others)
Launch and Activate Application – this action will loads and launches selected executable file and attempt to run in in Maximized window state. You need to select executable file to be launched. Pay attention – launching some applications may take essential time and some of application couldn’t be launched in Maximized window state.


SV2 AlertKey is shareware product. You can install and use it for free 2 weeks. During this period you'll be able to use complete set of product's functionality.

After trial time period (we really hope 2 weeks is enough time to undestand that you need this application) you'll have to register application. Otherwise - it'll stop protect your privacy (i.e. no functions will be available).

Application's registration process has to be proceeded in two steps. At first step you'll need to purchase license and at second step you'll need to activate your shareware version of SV2 AlertKey.

For registering and activating application you need click over Trial Time link in application's window or select Online Registration menu options in tray-bar application's menu.

Then, you'll need to purchase license for SV2 AlertKey at After completing payment you'll get email with Order No specified.

After payment will be completed at you'll need go to SV2 Software Activation web page to activate product. Pay attention: product can be activated only at single PC and if you'll need to install it to other PC - you'll need to purchase additional license.

You'll need to enter product's Authorization Number and RegNow Order ID into activation form and then you'll get Serial Number. This Serial Number will be valid for the PC which produces the Authorization Number.

Once application will be activated - you can use SV2 AlertKey to protect your desktop privacy guard indefinetly. Additionally you'll have free support and also can get discount to our other products. You already took right decision, right?


You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this Software.

The SV2 AlertKey is a shareware product. All copyrights are exclusively owned by the authors - SV2 Software.

You may use demo version of the Software during 2 weeks trial period. If you want to use SV2 AlertKey after trial time evaluation, you MUST register it.

Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to use the Software for the purposes described in the Documentation. With the license, you can use the Software in non-business, non-commercial environment (at home), or in non-profit organizations (schools, universities). Single license of SV2 AlertKey is valid for single PC where the license will be activated. If you want to install SV2 AlertKey to other PC you MUST purchase new license.

The Software unregistered version may be freely distributed, provided the distribution package is not modified. No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of the Software without written permission from the copyright holder.

You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.





Installing and using SV2 AlertKey signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license.

If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove SV2 AlertKey files from your storage devices and cease to use the product.


Than more time you're spending with your PC and than more sensitive information you're dealing - than more careful you should be. Stealing or loosing private information can cost you a lot of money and nervious. There is thousands ways to loose your data and hunderds way to prevent it. Nobody can be "safe enough". It's your duty to take care about your data. Good news - you have a good choice now. Antiviruses, firewalls, automatic backups and mirroring and so on.

Pay attention - using best antivirus and firewall can prevent your PC from remotelly hacking. But it wouldn't save your data if somebody login to your PC while you away. So, when you're planning your data protection - you need to worry about many possible cases. Using SV2 AlertKey you can prevent stealing your data by a person who stays behind you - it's just one of possible ways to protect your privacy.

PS: Don’t be confused by style of this description. If you’re protected – you can be relaxed. Using our software your can be bit more secure – thus, you’d have bit more time to be happy and relaxed.

Copyright © SV2 software 2006-2007. All rights reserved.